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Brother Bakht Singh was a Christian Evangelist from India who had a deep understanding and relationship with our Lord and Saviour. He is well known throughout the world for his faith and revelation of the Doctrine of Christ as the foundational teachings of the church.

He has penned a number of small books that set forth the word of God in a simple way. Below are each of his books available for download (Click on the title to download the PDF file).

1. Behold, I will do a new thing

2. Bethany

3. Come, let us build

4. David recovered all

5. Divine principles for a happy married life

6. Forty mountain peaks

7. Fullness of God

8. God's dwelling place

9. Highway to victory

10. Holy Spirit

11. How I got joy unspeakable and full of glory

12. How to find God

13. Looking unto Jesus

14. Much Business

15. My chosen


Brother Theodore Austin-Sparks was an English evangelist who authored numerous articles and books. He was a Baptist pastor but later resigned his position in the Baptist and established the Christian Fellowship Centre in Honor Oak, London with other like-minded Bible-believing Christians. 

Below you can download some of his books by clicking on the title of the book.

1. Divine order - In Christ

2. Followers of the Lamb

3. From the wilderness to the land - Part 1

4. From the wilderness to the land - Part 2

5. Seeing the Lord Jesus

6. The church - It's nature, principles, and vocation

7. The company on Mount Zion

8. The foundation of faith

9. The great transition and apprenticeship for God

10. The name of the Lord in Zion

11.The object of his travail and the meaning and place for prayer


Des Rose

Brother Des Rose was a bible teacher and pastor based in Sydney, Australia who had a great revelation of the word of God. He authored numerous books, Bible Study Courses and newsletters throughout his lifetime and was the pastor of The Church of the Living God (Hebron) in Hurstville, Sydney Australia.

Below is a small selection of his gospel newsletters he penned along with Chapter 1 from Book 1 in the "Rivers in the Desert" Bible Study Course available for download.

1. Chapter One - Rivers in the Desert (Book One)

2. Are there few that be saved?

3. Who then can be saved?

4. What must I do to be saved?

5. Power to save

6. If we are not saved

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